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Description of Cast Steel Wafter Check Valves

Cast Steel Wafter Check Valves
VERVO wafer check valves, also known as dual-plate check valves, have two spring loaded half-moon shaped discs that rotate about their shaft. The disc plates are kept shut by a torsion spring. When fluid flows in a forward direction, the pressure of the fluid causes the disc plates to swing open, allowing flow. The check valve is closed by the spring as soon as flow ceases, before any reverse flow can occur.

VERVO Material:

Structure of Cast Steel Wafter Check Valves

Cast Steel Wafter Check Valves
No Part Name Carbon steel 18Cr-9NiMo Carbon Steel
1 Body A216-WCB A351-CF8M A352-LCB
2 Plate A216-WCB+CR13 A351-CF8M+HF A350-LCB+CR13
3 Stop Pin A276-420 A276-304 A276-420
4 Back Spring A313-304 A313-316 A313-304
5 Hinge Pin A276-420 A276-304 A276-420
6 Eyebolt (2) Carbon Steel

Note:l) NPS 8" & larger.

Data table of Cast Steel Wafter Check Valves

Pressure Rating:Class 150~2500
Wafer/Double Flange/Lug

Design: API 594,API 6D,ASME B16.34
Face to Face: API 594,API 6D
End Flange: ASME B 16.5/ASME 16.47
Pressure Temp: ASME 16.34
Test: API598 , ISO5208
Special : NACE MR-01-75

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