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Description of Cryogenic Low Tempreture Ball Valves

Cryogenic Low Tempreture Ball Valves
The cryogenic ball valve is used to cut off or connect the media in various pipelines of calass150-class 1500. The valves made of different materials are suitable for various media and different temperature. The lowest working temmerature is -196℃. The driving modes include manual operation, worm and worm gear transmission, Pneumatic operation and electric operation. The connection ends can be flange or welding.

VERVO Material:

Structure of Cryogenic Low Tempreture Ball Valves

Cryogenic Low Tempreture Ball Valves

the cryogenic ball vales are classified into cryogenic floating ball valves and cryogenic trunnion ball valves refer to the data fo floating ball valve and trunnion ball valves for the product range.face-to-face dime- nsions,connection flange dimensions end etc.for the ball valves with temperature higher than -50oC,the long neck structure is not deisned/for the ball valves with temperature lower than -50oC,the neck length is generally designed according to standard require-ment or according to user requirements.

Data table of Cryogenic Low Tempreture Ball Valves

Size: 2"-56"
Pressure Rating: Class 150-500
Three Piece Cast/Forged Steel Body
Trunnion,Full&Reduce Bore
Anti-Static Device
Blow-out Proof Stem
Fire Safe Design
Low Emission

Design: API608,API6D,BS5351,ASMEB16.34
Face to Face: ASME B 16.10,API 6D
End Flange: ASME B 16.5/BS EN1092/ASME 16.47
BW Flange: ASMEB16.25
Pressure TemprASME 16.34
Test: API598,ISO5208,API6D
Special : NACE MR-01-75

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