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Description of Cast Steel Gate Valves

Cast Steel Gate Valves
VERVO cast steel gate valves are designed and manufactured to provide maximum service life and dependability. All gate valves are full ported and meet the design requirements of American Petroleum Institute standard API600&API 6D,British standard BS1414 & BS EN 1984 and generally, conform to American Society of Mechanical Engineers standard ASME B16.34. Valves are available in a complete range of body/ bonnet materials and trims.

VERVO Material:
also special material like S31803,S32750,CN7M

Structure of Cast Steel Gate Valves

No Part Name Carbon steel 1-1/4cr - 1/2mo Carbon Steel
1 Body A216-WCB A352-LCB A352-LCB
2 Bonnet A216-WCB A352-LCB A352-LCB
3 Wedge A216-WCB+CR13 A352-LCB+CR13 A352-LCB+CR13
4 Stem A182-F6a A182-F6a A182-F6a
5 Seat ring A105+CR13 A350-LF2+CR13 A350-LF2+CR13
6 Stem Backseat A276-420 A276-420 A276-420
7 Bonnet Gasket Spiral wound(Graphite+304)
8 Bonnet Stud A193-B7 A320-L7 A320-L7
9 Bonnet Stud Nut A194-2H A194-4 A194-4
10 Packing Graphite
11 Gland A276-420 A276-420 A276-420
12 Gland Flange A216-WCB A352-LCB A352-LCB
13 EyeBolt Pin Carbon steel Carbon steel Carbon steel
14 Eyebolt Carbon steel Carbon steel Carbon steel
15 Eyebolt Nut Carbon steel Carbon steel Carbon steel
16 Grease Fitting Brass+Steel
17 YokeS leeve Aluminum-Bronze
18 Yokesleeve Jam nut Carbon Steel
19 Handwheel Malleable Iron
20 Handwheel Nut Carbon Steel

1).ductile ni-resist optional
2).wedge and seat ring may either be solid facing material or a base material equal to or better than the body/bonnet material with facing as shown.

Data table of Cast Steel Gate Valves

Features Specifications
Size:2"~56" Design : ASME B16.34 / API600 / API6D
Pressure Rating: Class 150~2500 Face to Face : ASME B 16.10 / BS EN558
BB, Bolted Bonnet;PSB,Pressure Seal Bonnet End Flange : ASME B 16.5 / BS EN1092 / ASME 16.47
OS&Y,Outside Screw and Yoke End BW : ASMEB16.25
Flexiable Wedge/Solid Wedge Pressure Temp : ASME 16.34
Renewable Seat Rings Test : API598,ISO5208,BS6755
Flange or Butt Welding Special : NACE MR-01-75

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